Why We Do It


In a world that feels increasingly chaotic and uncertain, many of us feel powerless to change things. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the news and by what is happening around us and to us – hunger, homelessness, poverty, loneliness, illiteracy and intolerance . . . But what if everyone did just one thing to turn the tide? And that one thing is GIVING. Giving is a peaceful protest against the discord we see in the world today.  By putting our kindness into action we mobilize our inner activist and literally transform the way we relate to one another.  We feel differently when we give and we suddenly see ourselves and the world through brighter eyes. Giving lets us express the best and most soulful parts of ourselves and generates wholeness, meaning and, yes, happiness.  We lift up our neighbors and better our own communities by bringing goods, services and most of all, hope, to those who need it. There is no prerequisite for giving.  So whether you have lots of money or very little to spare, whether you are good with a table saw or better with a story book, you have a unique and powerful gift to contribute to the world.

Giving, like anything, takes practice.  And sometimes it’s easier and more joyful when we practice together.  So come join us.  We are not what we have, we are what we give.  Welcome to a new community of givers!


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