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Tech Help for Seniors – The Fair Oaks by Regency Park 


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Sharing Our Gifts

Everyone has something unique to give.  And when we share our gifts with each other, magic happens!  We paired our tech savvy teen volunteers from Crescenta Valley High School with seniors living at The Fair Oaks by Regency Park in Pasadena.  Our teens helped the seniors trouble shoot problems with their phones, tablets and computers and the seniors reciprocated by sharing life advice with the teens.

Here are some snippets of wisdom the seniors had to share:

“Kids need to learn how to ask for advice from parents by telling them what they are thinking.  Kids don’t want negative lectures from their parents.” – Florence

“Always be honest.  If you do that, you don’t have to remember what you said.  The truth comes out the same every time.  If you don’t tell the truth, you get confused as to what you said and your blood pressure goes up and you can get a stroke.  And who needs a stroke?” – John

“Appreciate your friends.  It’s really important.” – Alejandra

“Get good friends, keep good company and help each other.” – Josie

“Listen to your parents.” – Alice

Thank you teens and seniors for sharing your gifts with each other!




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